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Electropop Genre: Unleash the Electric Vibes of Modern Music

Discover what defines Electropop and what makes a song “Electropop". Explore the most popular Electropop music artists, bands and the best playlists on Spotify.

Electropop Genre: Unleash the Electric Vibes of Modern Music

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What Is Considered Electropop?

Electropop is the futuristic cousin of Pop music, where catchy melodies blend with electronic beats. It's the sound of innovation, energy, and an irresistible electric groove.

What Makes A Song Electropop?

Creating an Electropop song is all about blending electronic elements like synthesizers and drum machines with pop music melodies. When you hear a song with irresistible beats and a touch of digital magic, you're likely listening to Electropop.

Who Is The Queen Of Electropop?

Lady Gaga is the queen of Electropop music with her powerful vocals, extravagant style, and boundary-pushing music. Her chart-topping hits like "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance" are excellent Electropop examples.

Who Are The Pioneers Of Electropop?

The artists who laid the foundation for Electropop music include:

Some of the modern electropop bands and female electropop artists include: