Music Pie Chart

Music Pie Chart: Visualize Your Spotify Stats

Wondering how to get your Spotify pie chart, go to Music Pie Chart. Our online tool transforms your Spotify stats into awesome pie charts.

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Music Pie Chart: Visualize Your Spotify Stats

4 Easy Steps To Get Your Spotify Stats Pie Chart

Whether you're curious about your favorite music genres or top artists over a specific timeframe, you’ll see it all here!


Step 1: Log in with Spotify

To view your Spotify stats, grant Music Pie Chart access to your listening history. Don't worry, we only ask for limited "read" permissions.
  • Login to Spotify and you'll be redirected to Spotify's official login page.
  • Enter your Spotify credentials and grant the necessary permissions.
  • Once logged in, you'll return to Music Pie Chart.

Step 2: View Your Spotify Stats Pie Chart

After logging in, your Spotify Stats Pie Chart will be ready as we process your listening history, showcasing:
  • Your top music genres
  • Your top artists, ranked by your listening frequency.
  • You top tracks based on your listening habits. Click the play button to sample your favorite songs!

Step 3: Customize your Spotify Stats Pie Chart

Get creative! Customize your Spotify Stats Pie by playing with background colors to make it unique to you.

Step 4: Share Your Spotify Stats Pie Chart

Sharing is caring! Easily share your Spotify Stats Pie Chart with your community through:
  • The Facebook share button
  • The X/Twitter share button
  • Copying your Spotify Pie Chart's unique URL so your friends can check it out and give it a thumbs up!
4 Easy Steps To Get Your Spotify Stats Pie Chart

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Your Privacy and Security Matter

At Music Pie Chart, your privacy is our top priority. Review our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions whenever you need to.

We use Spotify's official API and only ask for “read” permissions.

Your Spotify credentials are never stored, and your data is processed temporarily to create your Spotify Stats Pie Charts.

Frequently asked questions

Is Music Pie Chart free to use?

Yes, Music Pie Chart is a free online tool available to all users.

Why can't I see data beyond a certain time frame?

Music Pie Chart uses Spotify's official API, which has limitations on the historical data.

Can I use Music Pie Chart without a Spotify account?

Unfortunately, you need a Spotify account to use Music Pie Chart since your listening history data is essential for creating your Pie Chart.