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Are you a music-loving influencer who loves to share your favorite artists and songs with your followers?

Do you dream of expanding your presence and opening new doors in the music industry?

Music Pie Chart welcomes you to join our Influencer Partnership Program for exciting collaborations.

Music Pie Chart offers Influencer Partnership Program, helping you unlock exciting collaborations, engage your audience and access exclusive opportunities and brand deals!

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Music Pie Chart’s Influencer Partnership Program is completely free to participate in. Apply today!

Why Partner with Music Pie Chart?

At Music Pie Chart, we're all about helping artists to build supportive and engaged communities around their music!

Here's why joining our Influencer Partnership Program is a must:

Dedicated Influencer Page

Showcase your journey with a personalized page featuring your own Music Pie Chart and links to your website and primary social channels.

Revenue Share & Exclusive Giveaways

Participate in promoting artists and exclusive giveaways, engaging your audience to discover new music and win exciting prizes and experiences.

Featured Influencer

Get highlighted on our Best Influencers To Follow list, gaining visibility among music professionals.

Brand Deal Opportunities

Gain recognition from music industry professionals and artists, leading to potential brand deal opportunities.

Expectations & Eligibility

To qualify, ensure you meet the following requirements*:

20,000+ Followers

Maintain a follower base of 20,000+ followers on at least 1 social platform (Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.).

Appropriate Content

Share appropriate content, avoiding promotion of violence, child abuse, illicit substances or sexual misconduct.

Active Collaboration

Link to your Music Pie Chart’s Influencer Page from your website and socials, and encourage your followers to showcase their Spotify pie charts.

Ethical Practices

At Music Pie Chart, we are all about organic Spotify promotion for artists. We expect genuine engagement with your audience and adherence to ethical practices in all promotional activities.

*Please note that these requirements are subject to change at any time. If you are successful in entering our program, we will keep you updated about any changes to our terms.

Ready to Join?

Apply now for Music Pie Chart's Influencer Partnership Program by filling out our quick form below.

If you submit a genuine request and meet our requirements, expect to hear from our team within 24-48 hours.